Gain a Competitive Edge With Customer Analytics



What would you do if you could gather business intelligence not only from customer payments but also from your local competitors? Would you look deeper to see what trends were impacting your business? Would you look for opportunities to increase sales or cross-selling initiatives? With our Analytics solutions, you can do both – and much more. You can now utilize all the customer analytics that have been sitting unused in your payment processing system and turn that data into actionable, useful information that can help grow your business.


The benefits of tracking customer analytics


What are the advantages of using analytics that shine new insight onto your sales?

  • You can understand trends as they’re happening: When you have access to data, you can make choices based on consumer buying behavior both within your own store and the larger industry as a whole. You can get a feel for the competition by drawing comprehensive reports from actual POS data in the U.S., allowing you to make more informed decisions on what to stock and what items to prioritize on your site, as well as what types of discounts or promotions to offer. You also gain a better understanding of consumer preferences that can inform future marketing efforts.


  • Understand the details, as well as the overarching trends: With the ability to filter data by region or industry, you can make more informed decisions about the nitty-gritty details, in addition to the bigger picture. Insight like this can help you tailor your targeting based on who your purchasers are or where they’re located.


  • Find new customers: By seeing what your customers are spending money on – and how often they’re spending it – your business can find new opportunities for sales, boosting overall revenue.


  • Better opportunities to enhance your POS marketing: There’s no point in spending money on small-business marketing campaigns that aren’t working. When you have data that shows you how consumer buying behavior has fluctuated in response to an advertising initiative, you can adjust these strategies appropriately.


Business intelligence made easy


One of the reasons many business owners avoid investing in new analytics and business intelligence tools is a fear that they’ll be complicated to use and understand. However, these solutions don’t need to be complicated – and ours aren’t. You can access your customers’ payment information from anywhere and at any time. As an added bonus, our solutions are user friendly – you won’t need to dig for hours just to get the information you’re looking for.

The days of limited business intelligence are over. Bring your company into the future – learn more about our easy-to-use Analytics solutions today.