What should I do if I need help with my account?



If you have questions regarding your rates / fees, statements or a specific transaction, please contact our corporate office at 877-274-7915** or log into your My Merchant Office account.

If you have questions regarding anything else, please contact our office at 888-333-5450 (option #2 for customer support, option #1 for sales).


What are non-qualified fees, and why am I billed for them?


The fees on your account are based upon the qualification of your transactions for certain reduced interchange fee as set by the applicable card association. If a transaction fails to qualify for the reduced interchange fee, the transaction is processed at the higher applicable interchange rate.


You can receive non-qualified fees for various reasons. Some include hand-keying transactions into the terminal in a face-to-face environment, not entering address information and card verification codes for keyed transactions, settling transactions more than 24 hours from the time the card was authorized, and accepting a corporate/business card. These fees are billed through MasterCard® and Visa®, and they can be avoided. For further information regarding specific charges, please contact our corporate office at 877-274-7915**.


My terminal is prompting for a V code. What does this mean?


The Card Verification Code (CVV or CVC) is the 3 digit code that appears at the end of a credit card number on the back of most cards. For American Express® cards, the CVV is a four digit number which is located on the front of the card above the card number. This code is designed to reduce fraud losses primarily on mail or telephone transactions.