What should I do if I need help with my account?



If you have questions regarding your rates / fees, statements or a specific transaction, please contact our corporate office at 877-274-7915** or log into your My Merchant Office account.

If you have questions regarding anything else, please contact our office at 888-333-5450 (option #2 for customer support, option #1 for sales).


 How do I add an Entitlement such as American Express® to my account?



Please contact our customer service department at 888-333-5450, option 2. They will put together and send you an Entitlement addendum which shows all of the rates and fees associated with that Entitlement. Once the signed addendum is received back, it will be forwarded to the corporate office for processing and approval.


You can also email our customer support team with your inquiry at teamignite@ignite-sa.com


 My terminal is prompting for an address and zip code. What does this mean?


The terminal will prompt for this information if your transaction is being manually or key entered. You will need to enter the first five digits of the number portion of the customer’s address and zip code. Address Verification Service (AVS) is used as a security precaution primarily for mail and telephone orders. AVS does not guarantee a transaction.